Work Completed Date:
July 19, 2017

Hire Again:

Approximate Cost:

Description Of Work:
We had recently repainted our condominium building and needed to replant many of the planters inside the courtyard, on the rooftop, and surrounding the building on a fixed budget. For $500, applied against our plant order, Victoria provided a custom design board showing the recommended plants by type and location, for the condo owners for approval. She was great about working with our Landscaping Committee and consultant to get the right plants for the right locations based on the plants sun and watering requirements within our budget.

Client Comments:

Everything went smoothly. Victoria was very patient in working with our Landscaping Committee and all the input and changes it entailed to get everyone on board and even adding more plants towards the end of the project when more money became available in the budget. The installation went smoothly over a 2 day period and her team worked well with our onsite maintenance person to ensure no damage was done to the planters, or new paint, with just a minimal amount of clean up required afterward. We highly recommend Natures Dream for their professionalism, response time, and work. Everyone involved in the project was very impressed and we will use them again.