10 Best Practices for Taking Care of Trees

Taking care of trees properly ensures that they will have a healthy, long life. No other plant can prove as rewarding because healthy trees can live for decades. In this post, Natures Dream Landscape & Tree Service, your professional tree service, goes over ten tree care tips to optimize tree health.

1. Annual Pruning

Pruning is essential when taking care of trees, but it’s important to avoid too much pruning, which can stress the tree. Removing dead limbs and diseased branches enables your tree to focus on healthy growth and allows you to reshape the tree and remove limbs that are in the way.

2. Hire a Certified Arborists

Trees are resilient but can become fragile due to disease or damage. They may also fail to thrive because of irregular tree watering or malnutrition. A certified arborist is an expert in everything related to trees, and regular evaluations will keep your trees healthy.

3. Mulch 

Mulching smothers weeds, prevents the soil from baking in the sun, and helps the soil retain moisture. As it degrades, it releases valuable nutrients into the soil. Run the mulch from a few inches away from the trunk to the outer edge of the canopy line. 

4. Water

Once your tree establishes itself, it is usually able to access the water that it needs. However, you may need to supplement the water when it’s very hot or during droughts.

5. Feed 

In an ideal world, trees draw all their nutrients from the ground. However, this becomes impossible with poor or depleted soil. Testing the soil identifies missing nutrients to supplement. Alternatively, you can use a general, organic compost when taking care of trees.

6. Prevent Pest Damage

Regularly check your trees for signs of pest damage, including unexpected holes in the bark or an unusual number of ants crawling around the trunk. If you notice any signs of a tree infested with ants or other pests, contact us right away for the best chance of saving your tree and those surrounding it.

7. Check for Diseases

Disease can take root quickly and encompass the entire tree before you realize it. We recommend regularly checking your trees for signs of disease. Should you find any, contact our team immediately.

8. Remove Grass and Weeds

Grass competes with the tree for nutrients and water. Keep a wide area around the trunk clear for the best results, and weed the space regularly. 

9. Protect the Trunk

The healthier the trunk, the better off the tree is! Wrap the trunk to prevent lacerations from weed eaters or gouges from stones while mowing the lawn. It’s also essential to watch for cracks in the bark due to temperature changes. 

10. Annual Maintenance Plans

An affordable annual maintenance plan is the best way to keep your trees healthy. These services include pruning, soil testing, and tree evaluation. Our arborist looks for signs of pests, diseases, and other potential issues, developing a comprehensive strategy for optimal tree health.

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