3 Landscape Design Trends for 2023

Experts have proven that gardening improves anxiety symptoms and lessens stress, encouraging people to include modern landscape design trends every year. Refreshing your garden or outdoor space with new ideas provides relief and keeps your property up-to-date with the hottest styles. With these trends, you can keep gardening while increasing the comfort and beauty of your property.

The professionals at Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service explain how to include these 2023 ideas in your property. For more information on landscape design and installation, contact a professional team!

Modern Design Trends 

Within the past few years, creating an inviting environment outdoors became the primary goal for landscaping. Outdoor kitchens, sitting areas, and more create a comforting place to relax while enjoying the natural scenery. However, creating a welcoming area for local wildlife has grown increasingly common too.

With climate control at the forefront of this year, many include environmentally-friendly landscaping designs to blend in with the surrounding natural landscape and create an oasis for local birds, butterflies, and wildlife. In the following trends, we’ll explain how to create a beautiful, comfortable, and environmentally-safe outdoor area for maximum enjoyment.

Top 3 2023 Trends 

Read the following to prepare your property with the hottest trends of 2023.

1: Natural Wildlife Gardens

With increased environmentalism, many have begun including local plant life in their gardens. With the right plants, you can create a haven for pollinating insects. Pollinating insects benefit the environment and maintain our food sources, making these wildlife gardens a big hit.

Consider including some of the following elements for eco-friendly landscape design trends:

  • Flowering and seeding plants
  • Natural habitats such as bushes or trees
  • Native plants

Initially, it was common to use non-native plants in landscaping. However, these plants often struggle in foreign environments, affecting their health and appearance. Choosing native plants gains maximum beauty from your garden while helping the local wildlife by providing food sources and minimizing soil erosion.

2: Functional Outdoor Spaces

As more families begin to enjoy their properties, the movement to increase the pleasantness and usability of the area grows. Consider implementing an outdoor kitchen, dining area, or office space to enjoy your outdoor spaces more often and with more comfort!

Request help from a professional to create the ideal landscape structure for your needs.

3: Recycled Materials

Including recycled materials has gained popularity in urban landscapes, from reusing water bottles as planters to repurposed wood or bricks. This option gives you flexibility; pick and choose from virtually any materials to create a unique, personalized space for your comfort. Consider some of the following ideas: 

  • Bicycle basket planters 
  • Tea cup bird feeders 
  • Spoon windchimes 

The options are endless—choose an idea that speaks to you! 

Contact Our Team for Ideas 

If you need more ideas for your green spaces, contact the landscaping experts at Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service. Our landscape designers have the experience and training to help you create the ideal modern landscape design.

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