When to Start Watering Trees in Spring?

Every tree needs water to grow and thrive, especially during spring. Spring’s warm temperatures and sunny skies tell trees to “wake up” from dormancy and start blooming. However, many Pinecrest, FL, property owners don’t know when to start watering trees in spring, potentially hindering growth.

Fortunately, Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service put together some tree watering guidelines to ensure your trees grow healthy throughout Pinecrest’s beautiful spring season.

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When to Start Watering Trees in Spring: Best Practices

Few things are more important to a tree’s health and growth than frequent watering. Without enough water, trees can’t perform photosynthesis, stunting growth and eventually killing the tree. Understanding when to start watering a tree in spring will allow you to give it the kick-start it needs to thrive throughout the season and beyond.

Most trees in Pinecrest need water as soon as they develop leaves and buds. This typically occurs at the beginning of spring once warm temperatures take hold. However, determining is your plant overwatered or underwatered is crucial, as overwatering budding trees can have similar effects as underwatering, causing numerous issues ranging from root rot to wilting.

Before watering your trees, place your finger five to six inches into the soil to check the moisture level. If the soil feels damp, wait another day or two before watering. However, if it feels dry, give the tree some water.

How Much Water Do Trees Need During Spring?

Different trees have different watering requirements. For example, younger trees need much more water than mature trees and won’t grow well without consistently moist soil. However, most trees need at least five gallons of water every week during spring to remain healthy.

Also, the soil’s drainage capabilities will dictate the watering frequency. Well-draining soil needs more frequent watering since it doesn’t retain it as well. Again, you must check the soil’s moisture level before watering to prevent overwatering and underwatering.

Sometimes Florida experiences exceedingly high temperatures during mid to late spring. On overly hot days, you might need to increase your watering frequency to prevent the soil from drying out. Give your trees around ten gallons of water during excessively hot days to ensure optimal growth and health.

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