Can You Plant a Tree Where One Was Removed?

Tree removal can leave a site bare and probably interfere with your landscape’s overall aesthetic. In a bid to restore normalcy to your yard, you may have asked yourself, “Can you plant a tree where one was removed?”   

As a top-rated tree service in Pinecrest, FL, we’ll discuss whether you can and should replant in the same spot as a previously removed tree.  

Should You Replant a Tree in the Same Spot as the Previous Tree?  

While you can plant a new tree in the same spot where you removed another, doing so may have several drawbacks. For example, if a pest infestation or disease killed the old tree and forced you to remove it, the soil could still harbor harmful pathogens.  

The newly planted tree may also lack enough space to develop a stable root system if the old tree’s roots still take up space underground. Not to mention, the old tree may have already depleted the soil of essential nutrients that young trees need for growth. 

Sawdust from stump grinding may also negatively affect new tree growth by altering the soil’s nutrient balance.

Planting the new tree several (at least three) feet away from the old site will help you avoid space, soil structure, and nutrient issues that may compromise a new tree’s growth and development.  

How to Replant in the Same Spot  

Perhaps the old tree had sentimental value, and you’d like to replace it with a new one. So, can you plant a tree where one was removed? If you have no other option but to plant the new tree in the old spot, you’ll need to consider the following tips:  

  • Choose your sapling carefully. If you had to remove the tree because of pests or disease, steer clear of the same species. Instead, consider a native species well suited to your area’s growing conditions.  
  • Prepare the site well. Remove the stump and sawdust from stump grinding, then get rid of all the roots and old plant material before planting.  
  • When replanting, dig a hole large enough for the sapling’s root base, set the sapling in place, then fill the hole with high-quality garden soil. Adding a layer of mulch will help the soil retain moisture.  
  • Plant your sapling in the fall to give the root ample time to establish itself before the warmer summer months.  

Trust Your Local Tree Service Experts  

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