How To Cut High Tree Branches?

Want to know how to cut high tree branches? Make the smart choice and allow experts with the right tools and experience to handle this task for you. However, if you want to give it a go, read on. In this post, Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service, your reliable tree trimming experts in Coral Gables, explains more. 

how to cut high tree branches

Stay Safe

Pruning 101 is all about safety. If you can’t reach the branch with a pole saw, or it’s too thick for such a tool, don’t try to improvise. Use a stable ladder to get into position and, if possible, have someone hold it for you. You need to have a firm grip. 

Do wear safety google, gloves, and a long-sleeve shirt to protect yourself from flying debris. 

Use Good Tools

Make sure that you have the right tools for the job and that they’re nice and sharp. Dull saws can split tree limbs, causing them to break in unexpected ways. Also, clean your tools well before you start to protect the tree against infections. 

Maintain Good Balance

Plan your tree trimming carefully so you don’t remove too much of the crown. Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to overbalance tree limbs on one side. If you do, the plant can’t maintain its balance properly. 

This remains one of the most important lessons in how to cut high tree branches if you don’t want your tree to topple. 

Forget About Tree Topping

Only use this practice as a last resort if a tree threatens power lines or leans badly. If either of these apply, you need professional assistance because if you remove the wrong tree branch, you’ll kill the plant.

Learn More About Proper Pruning Techniques

For example, you must always cut off the branch just above a bud facing sideways. You should never cut it off if the bud faces up or down. Always cut above this spot so the tree can form a branch collar and heal. If you can’t see a way to do this, then leave it alone. 

Next, make clean cuts. The wood can heal a smooth wound more easily than a ragged one. 

When trimming your tree, never remove more than a third of the canopy at one time, as this can be fatal. Your plant needs enough branches and foliage to recover. It’s always good practice to cut with a good reason. For example, to thin a cluttered crown or remove a damaged limb. 

Work toward supporting a healthy infrastructure rather than creating the perfect shape. You can always cut a little more off in the next season if necessary. However, if you remove too much, your tree might never recover. 

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