What Is an Invasive Plant? A Guide for Coral Gables Residents

Have you ever started to research plants and then come across various warning about which ones to include in your yard or to avoid in your state? Each region has non-native plants that, through unfortunate human intervention, have made their way into places they shouldn’t be. 

What is an invasive plant? The definition of invasive plants isn’t as straightforward to pin down as you may imagine. Besides, even if you find an invasive species hiding in a corner of your property, what’s the best way to deal with it?

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what is an invasive plant

What Makes a Plant Invasive?

An invasive plant, for lack of a better term, is a pest to the plants that are native to the region. While these unwelcome plants may thrive, their existence threatens endemic and indigenous plant species. The resulting imbalance may also run beyond human control because invasive species are so named because they populate a little too well.

What is an invasive plant and how does it invade? Often, these plants are difficult to manage and even harder to remove without causing more harm to the environment.

How To Recognize Invasive Plants

As it takes over, an invasive plant species harms the environment by taking out other members of the ecological niche through overpopulation. The only way to help restore the ecosystem’s balance is to entirely remove the invading species, but it is usually easier said than done.

Prevention is far easier, so if you’re on the lookout for invasive plants in your garden, here are a few attributes you can use to find them:

  • The plants reach maturity quickly.
  • The plants spread more eagerly than native plants (often right over native plants).
  • The plants are generalists, and able to reproduce in various types of environments.
  • The plants thrive in disturbed, uneven, or even rocky ground.

What Can You Do Against Invasive Plant Species in Coral Gables, FL?

Invasive species harm your local garden’s plants. If you can recognize the characteristics of invasive plants, you may be able to help the environment stay balanced. 

Arborists suggest the following practices to prevent invasive species from spreading across yards and bushy areas in your neighborhood:

  • Stay vigilant: Learn more about identifying invasive plants. 
  • Swift removal: If you spot an invader in your yard, remove it.
  • Think before you plant: The impact of invasive plants on your yard’s natural ecosystem is devastating. If you have exotic plants inside your house, keep them in pots to ensure they can’t spread to the yard.

It’s also helpful to replace invasive species with noninvasive ones, controlling invasive plants by taking away their space.

Learn More From the Plant Experts

What is an invasive plant? If you start to recognize problematic species in your neighborhood, you can better manage and plant gardens. 

With Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service, you also get some extra assistance for issues like invasive weeds, a tree infested with ants, and more. Can we help you get your Coral Gables home garden in order? Call 305-874-7374 for more information.

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