5 Top Myths About Trees Pinecrest, FL Residents Should Not Believe

If you’re into planting trees now, you may have heard a few rumors about the right way to go about it. Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service, one of Pinecrest’s leading tree services, knows the difference between tree legends and truths after so many years in the field. 

Below, the team unpacks the top misunderstandings about trees people have. Pay attention, as some of these may lead to inadvertent harm to your precious trees instead of giving them the long and healthy lives they deserve.

myths about trees

Myth #1: The More Mulch and Fertilizer, the Better

Novice plant owners may believe that they can never have too much fertilizer and mulch for plants and trees. While a dash of fertilizer at the perfect time of year can help your tree flourish, too much will stunt its root growth. 

Your trees need to grow in natural soil and gain sturdy roots. Mulch can help with water retention, but excess mulch disrupts the natural anchoring process.

Myth #2: Trees Can Thrive Independently in Urban Yards

While trees are sturdy, they often cry out for human intervention. Do you have a particularly cramped space in a tiny yard? Unlike trees that sprawl out in forests, urban trees face many disturbances to their root development.

Root cramping is a huge problem for growing trees. Why not get a tree evaluation from experts like Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service to check that all is well for your tree?

Myth #3: Planting A Tree Deep Helps Roots Strengthen

One of the most common myths about trees revolves around the planting and transplanting process. A tree does need deep, anchoring roots to thrive. However, transplanting it too deep does the opposite–it starves the roots of oxygen.

The worst case could even cause girdling roots, which suffocates it. If you need some advice about proper planting, your trusted local arborist would be the best source of information.

Myth #4: Pruning Heavily After Transplanting Is Good

Listening to horticulture specialists might have you thinking that heavy pruning is helpful when transplanting a tree, but that’s another of these tree-related misconceptions.

Trees gain energy from the branches. If the tree is already experiencing transplant shock, excessive pruning will definitely worsen the issue.

Myth #5: Painting Wounds Helps Heal Trees

Would painting over a tree wound help it heal quicker? Not at all. What’s inside the paint might even kill the tree if it gets inside the heartwood.

Instead, it’s better to carefully trim the surrounding bark with sparkling-clean implements. Watch the wound for infection and infestation. The bark will naturally heal (under paint, it would just form a clump).

The Truth About Trees From Nature’s Dream Landscaping & Tree Service

These myths about trees aside, arborists hear countless common tree misconceptions that need fact-checking. If you’re questioning tree folklore and facts, why not start debunking tree myths by chatting with tree experts like Nature’s Dream Landscaping & Tree Service? The team has advice on low-maintenance trees and offers services like:

  • Stump grinding
  • Transplanting
  • Tree planting
  • Emergency tree removal

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