How Do Professionals Transplant a Tree in Pinecrest, FL?

Transplanting offers a viable and rewarding alternative to tree removal. As the go-to company for expert tree services in Pinecrest, Florida, the Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service crew explores how professionals transplant a tree.  

transplant a tree

Evaluate the Tree’s Location  

Transplanting a tree puts it under stress. While you can transplant a small tree yourself, leave transplanting large trees to a certified arborist or tree surgeon.  

The tree expert will start the process by ensuring your tree can handle the move. You may have to postpone the transplant date or consider replacing the tree if the arborist establishes that it can’t handle the move.  

If you get the go-ahead, check property lines, right of way, and overhead and underground utilities before digging.  

Prune the Roots Before Transplanting  

Root pruning stimulates the growth of small, new feeder roots—a critical step in preparing the plant for a successful transplant. Remember to include them with the transplant.   

Step-by-Step Guide on the Tree Transplanting Process  

Below, we break down how experts transplant a tree: 

Step 1: Water the Tree Beforehand 

Water the soil days before to soften it, reduce stress on the root system, and keep the root ball intact.  

Step 2: Dig a New Hole  

Before you transplant a tree, dig a hole two to three times as wide as the root ball. Moisten it to reduce transplant shock.  

Step 3: Tie the Branches  

Tie up lower branches to protect and keep them out of the way.  

Step 4: Mark the Area  

Remove topsoil from the roots and mark about four to six inches beyond the pruned roots.  

Step 5: Dig Around the Plant  

Dig with a flat spade, shaping the root ball and cutting large roots.  

Step 6: Dig Under the Plant  

Dig underneath the root ball, cutting the remaining tree roots.  

Step 7: Move the Root Ball Onto a Tarp  

Place a tarp beside the root ball, cut the remaining roots, and tilt the ball onto the tarp for moving. Keep roots moist and protect them during transport.  

Step 8: Transfer the Tree to the New Spot  

Wrap the burlap with twine to secure the soil. For smaller plants, lift the tree by the burlap; for heavier trees, use a tarp, cardboard, or cart to move it.  

Step 9: Put the Tree in the New Hole  

Slide the tree into the hole at the same level or slightly higher. Ensure the trunk is straight and remove the burlap.  

Step 10: Fill the Hole  

Backfill with subsoil first, then topsoil. Tamp down to remove air pockets, create a ditch around the perimeter, and remember to water thoroughly.  

Trust Your Local Tree Care and Landscaping Experts  

Choose Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service for high-quality and affordable tree care and landscaping solutions. What do we offer? Everything from tree service to residential and commercial landscape maintenance.  

Whether you need guidance on the best low-maintenance trees to plant in your yard or an expert to help you transplant a tree, look no further.  

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