How to Straighten a Mature Leaning Tree

how to straighten a mature leaning tree

Few natural features heighten a Pinecrest, FL, property more than a beautiful set of mature trees. However, sometimes trees lean to one side or another, hindering their appearance while preventing healthy growth. Unfortunately, many Pinecrest homeowners don’t know how to straighten a mature leaning tree without damaging its structure.

That’s why Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service created a short guide to teach you how to straighten a mature tree and prevent future leaning.

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Why Do Mature Trees Bend?

Mature trees bend and grow awkwardly for various reasons. Some experience strong winds that alter their branches’ growing pattern, while others suffer from underdeveloped roots that makes them unstable. Below are a few prevalent causes of bending in mature trees:

  • Unstable soil
  • Planted at the wrong time
  • Overly moist soil
  • Strong winds 
  • Poor root system

Although you can prevent young trees from bending by securing them to wooden stake posts, fixing mature trees is much more complicated and is even dangerous in certain situations. However, it’s best to straighten a mature tree swiftly to prevent it from falling and damaging your property.

How to Straightening Mature Trees

Figuring out how to straighten a mature leaning tree isn’t easy. However, if you use the guide below, you can restore leaning trees to their natural, healthy state.

Step One: Dig a Trench

Start by digging a trench around the tree’s base to free its roots. The trench should be ten times the size of the trunk. For example, if the tree trunk is ten inches, dig a 100-inch deep trench.

Step Two: Wrap the Tree

Next, wrap a few thick blankets or pads around the tree to protect its bark. Securely tie a rope around the pads or blankets before moving forward.

Step Three: Pull the Tree

After securing the rope, get a group of friends together to help you pull the tree back in place. You must pull the tree slowly to prevent root damage that can kill the tree. You can also tie the rope to a vehicle and pull the tree in place if necessary.

Step Four: Fill the Trench

Finally, fill the trench with soil and pack it after you straighten the tree. You can also use ropes to further secure the tree and prevent it from leaning later on. Use ropes to secure the tree to ground and keep it in place until the roots establish.

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