Is Putting Gravel Around Trees a Good Idea?

Adding mulch around a tree’s base provides numerous benefits while increasing its overall appeal. However, many Pinecrest, FL, residents wonder if they can place gravel around trees instead of wood or straw mulch. That’s why Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service is here to teach you if gravel is a viable alternative to traditional mulch.

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Using Gravel as Mulch: Is It Worth It?

When people think of mulch, wood chips and straw often come to mind. However, gravel also makes wonderful mulch as well. Placing small rocks along the base of the tree provides several benefits that will help the tree thrive and grow strong throughout the year. 

These benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Improves moisture retention 
  • Helps heat the soil 
  • Enhances visual appeal
  • Prevents weeds

However, placing gravel around trees isn’t ideal for every tree or geographical region. For example, since gravel helps retain heat and keeps the soil warm, it can overheat the tree’s root during the hot summer months. If you live in a warm area like Florida or Texas, it’s best to stick with traditional wood chips or straw mulch to prevent overheating the tree.

How to Place Gravel Mulch Around a Tree

Mulching a tree isn’t as easy as placing gravel around the tree’s base. Placing it too close to the tree’s truck, or creating a “mulch volcano” around the base will cause much more harm than good.

When mulching, place the gravel around the trees’ base but ensure it doesn’t touch the truck. You want two to four inches of gravel around the tree while leaving a few inches of space between the truck and small rocks. Again, putting rocks too close will damage the tree and prevent it from thriving.

Once you place down the gravel mulch, spread it around evenly and water it to help it settle. If done correctly, the gravel will boost your property’s curbside appeal while keeping the dirt surrounding the tree healthy.

If you rather have a professional lay down the mulch for you while ensuring optimal results, contact Nature’s Dream Landscaping & Tree Service. We understand how to put rocks around a tree correctly so it can reach its true potential.

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