Can You Put Sod Over Existing Grass?

Can you put sod over existing grass? Yes, you can, but there’s more to sod installation than that. In this post, Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service, your trusted landscape design and installation experts, explains in more detail. 

can you put sod over existing grass

Can You Install Sod on Top Without Killing the Grass? 

Installing sod over grass has some benefits. For starters, it’s less work because you don’t have to dig out the existing grass. The soil smothers the underlying layer and kills the grass it covers, allowing the new lot to flourish. Or, at least, that’s how it should work. 

Is Laying Sod Over Existing Grass a Good Idea? 

There are many opinions on this, so it depends on what is right for you. Maybe instead of asking, “Can you put sod over existing grass?” we must ask, “Should we do so?” 

The advantage of leaving the existing foliage in place is that it saves you much time. You don’t need to spend ages preparing the soil, and you can even pull back a little when it comes to adding nutrients. The grass underneath should die off and, as it decomposes, release nutrients into the soil. 

These are the types of nutrients that your new grass will need to grow. 

Not having to kill off the grass and remove it is another plus. Instead of applying a weed killer that could affect the new growth or painstakingly remove your existing lawn, you can leave it where it is. 

Why Is It Better to Install Sod Over Bare Earth? 

Does the above sound a little oversimplified? In truth, it isn’t always that easy. For starters, the heat from the decomposing grass may burn the delicate root system of the new growth. We don’t use grass cuttings as mulch or dig them into the ground for the same reason. 

Secondly, while smothering the old grass should kill it, there’s no guarantee it will. If it’s a particularly aggressive species that is difficult to eradicate, it could push through and compete with the new growth for resources. 

Thirdly, dumping new soil over the old growth raises the bed slightly. It will drop over time with decomposition, but the results might be uneven. 

Finally, we need to consider why you need sod in the first place. Is it because your existing grass is patchy or because it won’t grow at all? Either condition points to other problems with the soil. 

Prepare the Ground Either Way

We recommend testing the ground for nutrient deficiencies in either case. Also, check how easily water drains away and how compact the soil is. You may need to dig in compost or aerate the soil before taking the next step. 

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Now that you know the answer to “Can you put sod over existing grass?” is “Yes” or “Maybe,” it’s time to get professional advice. Hiring a landscaper like Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service helps you make the right decisions immediately. Call us at (305) 874-7374 to schedule a consultation today!

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