What to Know Before Hiring a Landscaper

Many homeowners in Pinecrest, FL, enjoy the beauty and serenity of a customized landscape. Hiring a landscape professional with the right skills and techniques makes the process more enjoyable because you can trust in their years of experience to create a lasting outdoor oasis. With thorough information, you can choose the best company to help you with professional landscape design and installation.

hiring a landscaper

What Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring a Landscaper?

Finding the best landscaping professional for your home can seem daunting, but by asking the right questions you can discover which company best meets your specific needs.

1. What Services Do You Need?

Before you start looking for a landscaping company, walk around your yard and decide what you want and need. Consider your design preferences before you call around, since you may need to describe your project in detail for a proper quote. Consider the aspects of your project such as:

  • What plants you might want
  • Whether you need trees, flowers, or shrubbery
  • How much yard you want to dedicate to this project

2. Will They Help You Design Your Landscape?

During your search, you’ll discover a variety of landscaping services. Some only perform regular maintenance on already established landscapes, while others provide everything down to the plant options best for your area. Hiring a landscaper with previous experience in planning and maintaining a landscape offers the best options for homeowners with little to no landscaping experience of their own.

3. Do They Have Good Reviews?

As you look through the companies in your search, you’ll often have the chance to see reviews from previous customers. To get the best measure of the business, sort the reviews by most recent, then by rating. You want to see not only the great things accomplished by the landscapers, but also any problems that previous customers had.

This gives you a chance to see their weaknesses and also how they handle customer issues.

4. Are They Licensed, Insured, and Bonded?

You want your landscaping company to not only carry the proper licenses and insurance, but a bond as well. Licensure keeps the company legal in the city and state, while insurance protects the company, its employees, and you. A bond, however, entitles you to compensation in the case that the business doesn’t complete the work they agreed to do.

5. Can They Provide References?

A reputable company should provide you with information from previous clients so you can contact them to learn about how their landscaping projects went. From asking questions to seeing before and after photos, knowing prior customers’ experiences provides you with a chance to learn all you can about your chosen landscaper.

Enjoy Your Ideal Landscape With Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service in Pinecrest, FL

Whether you need someone to maintain your yard or want to build a personal oasis, hiring a landscaper can provide you with many options for your lawn. Whether you want to know about the latest landscape design trends or the best plants for your specific yard, including recommendations for border plants for flower beds, call Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service in Pinecrest, FL, at (305) 874-7374.

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