The Four Best Border Plants for Flower Beds

Adding a few colorful border plants to your flower beds can do wonders for your property’s appearance and charm. However, with so many plants and flowers to choose from, finding the perfect border plants for residential gardens often seems easier said than done. So Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service has put together this guide on some marvelous border plants for flower beds that will take any Coral Gables garden to extraordinary new heights.

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border plants for flower beds

Four Best Garden Border Flowers for Coral Gables Properties

Enchanting border flowers make the perfect addition to any Coral Gables garden. They complement the garden’s primary plants and trees without taking away from their aesthetic appeal. Let’s discuss some great border plants for flower beds that will help your Coral Gables property look its best all season long.

1. Impatiens

Impatiens are heat-loving flowers perfect for Coral Gables’s warm tropical climate. Their vibrant foliage and disease-resistant nature make them ideal for nearly any garden variety and will help attract beneficial insects to control pests and pollinate flowers. Although most older impatiens types prefer full shade, many hybrid and newer varieties thrive in full sun.

2. Portulaca

Portulacas, often called moss roses, are low-maintenance border plants featuring stunning yellow, tangerine, and hot pink flowers. They can withstand humidity and heat without issue and even grow in poor soil. Their low stature, outstanding drought tolerance, and striking colors make them impeccable border flowers, helping your property reach its full visual potential.

3. Mop Head Hydrangea

Mop head hydrangeas are medium-sized flower bed edging plants featuring elaborate white, purple, blue, and pink spherical blooms. Homeowners can align their garden walkways with these breathtaking flowers or create eye-catching corridors to organize their beds. Although many homeowners plant mop head hydrangeas as stand-alone flowers, they pair wonderfully with hosta and autumn ferns.

4. Lavender

Few perennial border plants are more popular than lavender. Its gorgeous purple color and silvery-green foliage add sophistication to any garden while creating a lovely fragrance that will attract pollinators and other beneficial insects. Lavender is also relatively cheap and doesn’t require a lot of room, making it the go-to border plant for many Coral Gables homeowners.

No matter your garden variety, you can’t go wrong with lavender.

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