How to Keep Grass and Weeds From Growing Around Trees

how to keep grass and weeds from growing around trees

Learning how to keep grass and weeds from growing around trees helps you to limit a tree’s competition, allowing them to thrive. 

In this post, Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service explains how to use landscape design and installation for better grass and weeds management. 

Why Remove Grass and Prevent Weeds Around Trees? 

Most gardeners understand the value of keeping weeds under control. Even if these plants are sometimes pretty, they soon take over and compete with the trees’ root systems. 

Grass also competes for nutrients but is problematic because you might inadvertently damage the trunk or root system while tending to your lawn. Aside from these factors, it also makes sense to remove grass because it won’t do well in the shade. That’s why professionals like Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service will always recommend clearing the area around the trunk and, if possible, to the end of the drip line (where the canopy ends).

How to Get Rid of Plants Around Your Tree

Now, let’s look at how to keep grass and weeds from growing around trees. 


Weed management is much easier with mulching, and that’s not the only benefit to the tree. It helps the soil retain more moisture, regulates soil temperature, and releases nutrients as it decomposes. 

For our purposes, the mulch’s tendency to stifle grass and weeds is important here. These tips should help:

  • Get weed barrier material from the local nursery or hardware store. 
  • Lay the material on the ground around the trunk. Start a little away from the trunk and extend the layer to the edge of the canopy if you have the space. 
  • Place three or four layers of moist newspaper. This method stops the weeds or grass from getting the sunlight they need to germinate.
  • Then, layer your mulch at a depth of two and four inches, covering the paper.

This method smothers any plants underneath it while leaving the tree’s roots intact. Plus, the newspaper eventually dissolves, adding nutrients and fiber to the soil. 

Pull Out the Offensive Plants

If you have the time and don’t mind a bit of tedious handiwork, pull out the weeds. Don’t dig deeper than two inches here, or you might damage the tree’s roots. If it’s a small tree, this is a simple method.

Last Resort: Use a Herbicide

We recommend herbicide only as a drastic last step because it can be dangerous. It’s easy to apply too much and accidentally harm your tree. For the best results, protect the trunk and the area around it before you start, and only spray on a calm day.

And if you aren’t sure about it, rather reach out to tree care professionals for assistance.

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Now that you know how to keep grass and weeds from growing around trees, you might wonder what mulch to use. Wood bark or gravel around trees drains easily and makes a good show, but there’s a lot more to it. Why not call Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service at (305) 874-7374 for further advice or great tree care in Florida?

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