Is Excessive Pruning Dangerous for a Tree in Coral Gables, FL?  

Pruning helps to stimulate tree growth and prevent tree disease. Excessive pruning, on the other hand, has several detrimental effects on overall tree health.   

As the go-to tree trimming experts in Coral Gables, our team at Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service understands proper pruning practices and knows the effects of excessive pruning. Keep reading as we highlight the dangers of excessive pruning on urban forestry.  

excessive pruning

How Much Pruning Can a Tree Handle?

A tree’s developmental stage will determine the maximum recommended foliage removal. Generally, a young tree can handle up to 50% foliage removal in a single pruning session. Medium-aged and mature trees can only handle 25% and 10% maximum foliage removal in one dose, respectively.  

Effects of Excessive Pruning  

Excessive pruning can lead to the following. 

Decay From Large or Profuse Cuts  

Tree cuts are essentially wounds that must heal. The fewer and the smaller the cuts made, the better for the tree. Too many cuts in the wrong places or one large cut can cause irreversible tree damage and decay.  

Reduced Food Production  

Removing too many leaves during the pruning process reduces your tree’s ability to produce food. In many cases, the affected tree will suffer from stunted growth.  

Increased Maintenance Costs  

Excessive pruning creates extra sprouting that subsequently causes a vicious cycle of constant pruning. In the long run, you’ll have to spend more time and money to maintain the tree’s aesthetic qualities.  

Sunscald and Interior Sprouting  

Reducing a tree’s crown significantly causes interior sprouting and allows excess sunlight to penetrate through the canopy and onto the bark. This sudden exposure to full sun may burn the bark and the cambium layer directly under the bark.  

Higher Risk of Wind Damage  

Excessive crown raising increases stress loads on the trunk and roots. If the tree has a weak trunk and/or damaged root system, the trunk may break, or the tree could fall over from high winds.  

Breakage From Reduced Limb Strength  

Individual tree limbs may also suffer from excessive stress if you remove too much foliage or lateral growth. Trees with long limbs and foliage only on the tips will more likely break than trees with even foliage.  

Bottom Line  

Excessive pruning can have a significant environmental impact. Follow proper tree care and tree maintenance guidelines to keep your trees strong and healthy. When in doubt, seek professional help. In fact, why not leave tree pruning to the experts? Certified arborists possess extensive landscape management skills and experience.  

Trust Your Local Tree Service Experts  

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