How Often to Water Newly Planted Trees in Coral Gables, FL

Are you confident about how often to water newly planted trees?

In this post, Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service, Coral Gable’s landscaping service, covers the best practices for watering young trees for thriving gardens.

Why It’s Essential to Get Watering Right For New Trees

It’s tempting to think of trees as a set-and-forget option. After all, you may have mature specimens that you seldom have to water. However, it’s absolutely critical to set up a proper watering routine for newly planted trees if you want to help them grow a strong root system. 

Your sapling needs support to get the best start in life. The better the root system it can develop early on, the more resilient it will be over any dry spells in the years to come. If not, it will ail and become vulnerable to pests and diseases when the environmental conditions deteriorate.

Ensuring Adequate Moisture for Newly Set Trees

Watering starts before you even put the plant in the ground. Experts recommend dampening the root ball when you remove it from the container to loosen the soil. This makes it easier for the roots to soak up moisture after you’ve replanted the tree.

Reducing Transplant Stress

When people ask how often to water newly planted trees, they often forget about the most important time—the deep watering right after planting to reduce transplant stress.

  • Measure the trunk’s diameter.
  • Use two or three gallons per inch of diameter. 
  • Concentrate the water around the root ball.
  • Use a soaker hose so that it seeps in slowly, encouraging the roots to extend further. 

Roots that are strong and widely spread will protect the tree in hotter weather. It’s also a good idea to water the area just outside of the root ball. If this soil is dry, it’ll draw the moisture away from the tree roots.

The Right Irrigation Schedule for Newly Established Trees

A tree specialist can design a system for you that’ll deliver targeted doses to your new tree. The watering frequency for recently planted trees depends on species, soil type, and weather. However, most guidelines for hydrating newly planted trees suggest watering your tree daily for the first two weeks after planting. 

Thereafter, arborists typically suggest that you water every second or third day. Use the above formula of two to three gallons per inch of trunk as a guideline. 

When your tree has been in the ground for about twelve weeks, you can water it once a week instead. Keep this timing up for the first year or two.

Final Tip: Mulching Saves Trees’ Lives

Are you worried you might miss a watering day? Mulch is the busy gardener’s saving grace. 

  • Lay three inches of organic mulch around the tree. 
  • Cover the root ball. 
  • Don’t let the mulch touch the bark.

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