How To Tell if a Tree Is Going To Fall on Your Coral Gables, FL, Property

Some trees on your Coral Gables, FL, property are a lot less likely to fall than others. Think of the palm trees with flexible trunks that can withstand the wild winds of a South Florida storm. Others trees aren’t quite as durable, and the last thing you want is for a tree to come crashing through the roof.

So, it’s important to know how to tell if a tree is going to fall so you can take action. Predicting tree fall, or more accurately, when they will fall, isn’t an exact science. Still, Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service, Coral Gables’ reliable landscaping service, highlights the signs of an impending tree fall below.

how to tell if a tree is going to fall

A Quick Guide to Identifying Falling Tree Risks 

A hurricane can take down even healthy trees, but sometimes, trees fall without any warning. If you’re wondering how to tell if a tree is going to fall or whether you should secure your tree before hurricane season, look for these signs:


While it’s possible for a tree to grow at an angle, if you have one that leans more than 15 degrees in any direction, it is more likely to come down unexpectedly. Leaning is often a sign of weak roots. When assessing tree fall potential, weak roots are a major cause for concern, and the tree typically needs removal.

Lightning Strikes 

South Florida is no stranger to lightning, and when a strike hits a tree, there’s a good chance it will fall. Evaluating tree stability after a lightning strike means looking for cracks in the trunk, blackened areas, and dead or wilted leaves. Even if the damage doesn’t appear immediately, it can eventually cause the tree to topple. 


Vines growing around the base and up the trunk can spell disaster. Not only does thick growth block sunlight from reaching the roots, but it also traps moisture that can cause rot. The vines may also harbor harmful bacteria and fungi that can infect and weaken your tree.`  

Dead Branches 

Looking for dead branches is an effective way of detecting tree instability. They often indicate a sick tree with problems like root rot. Trees shed weaker branches in an attempt to protect themselves, but by the time this happens, it’s too late, and there’s a chance it will collapse. 

Wounds and Soft Spots 

If the tree has hollow areas, soft spots, or wounds, then it’s at risk for pathogens that can eventually kill it. Look for leaf discoloration, root rot, and slow growth to identify infections that will cause the tree to fall. 

Remove a Damaged Tree Before It Becomes Dangerous

Experts can help you learn how to tell if a tree is going to fall, and if it’s in danger, safely remove it before it damages your home. They also know how to straighten a mature leaning tree, when possible, to preserve it.

To check on any trees causing concern in your yard, dial (305) 874-7374 to reach Nature’s Dream Landscaping & Tree Service! 

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