Can Trees Die of Old Age in Coral Gables, FL?

There are some pretty old trees out there. While they’re fascinating, many people still find themselves wondering, “Can trees die of old age?” Often, when we see a tree dying, it’s because of external causes, but there’s more to tree lifespan and aging than just being at the mercy of disease or decay.

Coral Gables’ landscaping company, Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service, shares more below about the factors influencing tree longevity.

can trees die of old age

Can Trees Die of Old Age?

Natural tree mortality, albeit impressive, is nowhere near infinite. Yes, a tree can die of old age, although it takes a while if the averages are anything to go by. Seeing the normalcy in the connection between aging trees and mortality isn’t common because external factors very often take trees out before age.

Trees, like people, don’t die of old age in the truest sense. Usually, they become ever more vulnerable to diseases or infection. Concerning your plants, you may wonder what you can do to prevent their death in the long term, but there are no easy answers.

Some Common Factors Influencing Tree Longevity

Can trees die of old age? With the expected lifespan of trees so dependent on the right conditions, plenty of factors influence the outcome. Cited causes of tree death due to age are typically just other causes of death in disguise, but there are some tools at your disposal to keep your trees healthier for longer.

Think about the following ways a tree can die when it’s old or young:

  • Disease or infection: When infected by a disease, the tree’s entire structure can break down, from the bark to the branches falling off. For most natural tree diseases, there’s no way to help trees resist them (pruning solves only localized infections that you can cut away).
  • Insect attacks: Infestation is a real problem for trees. If they have any external vulnerabilities, like holes, insects may take advantage.
  • Fungi and bacteria: These problems typically only hurt a tree when the tree is old or already decaying.

Other Reasons Trees Die Before They Get Very Old

Just like people, trees have varying lifespans depending on their makeup. Some trees enjoy a short burst of life. Other trees in India and China have been known to live for 500 years or more. 

Other tree death causes include:

  • Nutrient deficiency (due to competition or erosion)
  • Too many severed limbs from over-pruning or bad weather

Overall, your trees will be incredibly resilient and opportunistic, able to persist past many problems and stubbornly continue on. Even hollow trees can persist, though they’ll succumb to disease or fungi eventually.

Get a Tree Professional’s Help From Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service

Can trees die of old age? Why wouldn’t they, if given the space to thrive, enough water and nutrients, and lots of love? With Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service taking care of trees, you’ll have everything you need to plant, grow, water, and prune your trees to lead long lives—call 305-874-7374 to learn more!

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