9 Best Trees for Privacy From Neighbors in Coral Gables, FL

If you’re looking for the best trees for privacy from neighbors, you need gorgeous trees that grow fast and tall. As the trusted experts in landscaping in Coral Gables, Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service knows the best trees for beautiful and effective natural privacy screens. Consider one of the following nine fast-growing privacy trees.

trees for privacy from neighbours

1. Carpinus Betulus

The European common hornbeam is a birch you’ll find mostly in Western Asia through Central Europe. It requires a year-round warm climate which makes it perfect for Southern Florida. It can reach a mature height of up to 60 feet and has thick lush foliage that looks light green.

2. American Holly

Commonly known as the hardiest broadleaf evergreen, the American Holly grows well in partial and full sun. Though it grows slowly to medium, it can reach a height of 50 feet. The bright red berries are an iconic symbol of Christmas.

3. Thuja Green Giant

Notable for its rough, dark green leaves and pyramidal shape, you can find this tree growing in all but the upper Midwest in America. It can grow up to three feet a year and reach heights of 60 feet. You won’t have to worry about trimming or pruning it and it stands up to urbanization.

4. Southern Magnolia

Also known as a bull bay, the southern magnolia has beautiful white flowers. It grows quickly and can reach an impressive height of 80 feet. It resists disease well and doesn’t require much maintenance.

5. Limber Pine

Some documented trees of this species have reached ages between 1,000 and 2,000 years old. As an evergreen, it keeps its leaves year-round and can reach heights of 50 feet. In rocky soil, it experiences stunted growth and may only become 10 feet tall.

6. Cypress

One of the best trees for privacy from neighbors is the cypress. Reaching impressive heights up to 80 feet, you’ll instantly recognize the cone-like shape of this tree.

7. Dogwood

With over 50 different species, you can find a dogwood tree that perfectly fits your needs. Dogwoods grow best in areas with indirect afternoon sun, and you’ll love their beautiful flowers.

8. Yew

Native to Southwest Asia, Northern Africa, and Eastern Europe, the yew tree grows beautiful berries and grows to heights of 65 feet. If you have pets, you may opt for a different tree, as most parts of the yew contain toxins.

9. Maples

One of the most pervasive and iconic trees in the entire world, you can choose from over 132 species of maple. They can grow to an impressive 140 feet tall.

Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service Plants Beautiful Trees

When you’re looking for trees for privacy from neighbors, Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service can help you choose the best one. From providing landscaping to prevent flooding to creating beautiful, natural privacy screens, we do it all. You’ll love how stress-free we make the process. 

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