The Role of Landscaping To Prevent Flooding in Coral Gables, FL

Coral Gables boasts some of the most beautiful homes and lawns in the country. However, the flooding here means that homeowners must guard against water damage to their homes. Otherwise, you risk losing all the hard work you’ve put into the beautiful vision you created for your house and lawn.

Working with professionals for highly-rated landscaping in Coral Gables protects you from flooding. Experienced landscapers understand the role of landscaping to prevent flooding.

landscaping to prevent flooding

Lawn Care Methods That Prevent Lawn Floods

Prevention works better than recovery in terms of flood damage. Therefore, it’s hard to overstate the valuable role of landscaping to prevent flooding. Lawn care flooding prevention protects your home with environmentally sound solutions.

Here are some of the lawn care methods that prevent lawn floods that threaten your property.

Build Drainage Areas

Prevent water from even getting on your property. These drains usually circle the perimeter of your property. They connect to a pipe system that diverts water away from your home. Their underground placement ensures you maintain the lawn appearance you want.

Build Retaining Walls

Retaining walls keep water away from your home. The layout of your land determines where the water enters. That’s the best spot to build the retainer wall because it acts like a dam.

You may be able to get by with a shorter barrier if your land is sloped. Even a barrier of large stones or rocks and redirect water runoff, preventing it from pooling on your property. 

Plant Native Species

Native plants guard against excess water. They slow water runoff without invading the natural habitat. They also add color to your lawn.

Instead of removing unruly plants and trees, enlist in tree trimming and other landscaping services to help them complement your curb appeal while preventing flooding. 

Grade in the Right Direction

Avoid DIY home additions that sink your home. Make sure the soil grades away from the house before putting down sod or seeds. This process protects the basement from flooding. Consider planting a garden by your house, putting a barrier between the siding and where the plants go. 

You need a trench filled with rock to prevent water from pooling in this area. Make the trench 6 to 8 inches wide and around 6 inches deep to stack the rock.

Let Us Create a Landscape for You

The role of landscaping to prevent flooding is a crucial one. 

Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service wants to help you prevent flooding. We can make your lawn one that people drive by to admire while also protecting your home. We can help your lawn flourish in many other ways.

All it takes is your clear vision and our ability to make it a reality.

If you want to schedule regular landscaping or need to know the signs of a tree going to fall, we’ll provide the lawn and tree care you need. Call us at 305-874-7374 to discover firsthand the role of landscaping to prevent flooding. We look forward to showing you the best ways to protect your home from flooding. 

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