Five Landscaping Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

Landscaping isn’t as simple as it sounds. For instance, you need to understand proper soil preparation, plant spacing, and watering to be successful with your landscaping endeavor. However, even the most experienced gardeners will make mistakes, like choosing greenery for the wrong plant zone, to end up with horrible results. 

Below, delve deeper into the common landscaping mistakes you should avoid, as advised by Pinecrest’s trusted providers of landscape design and installation services in Florida. 

landscaping mistakes

#1 Planting Large Trees Close to the House

One of the key aspects of landscaping is tree placement. Large trees are great for providing shade, adding textural contrast, and boosting your property’s aesthetic appeal. However, planting large trees too close to a house, a common mistake in tree placement, can do more harm than good.

If falling limbs damage your house or injure loved ones, or the tree’s roots crack the foundation, it could compromise the structural integrity of the entire building. 

#2 Failing to Prune Shrubs 

Many homeowners are guilty of ignoring yard maintenance, including critical tasks like pruning shrubs. When you don’t prune flowering shrubs like forsythia, azalea, or rhododendron at an appropriate interval, you risk removing the buds that would otherwise produce these beautiful blooms. To avoid this, professionals usually advise pruning flowering shrubs immediately after they finish flowering.

#3 Planting Invasive Plants

We agree that some invasive plants can add to your garden’s beauty. Sadly, such plants can quickly dominate your garden, leaving no room for more beneficial vegetation to thrive. Even worse, controlling invasive plants can be expensive and difficult once you start ignoring maintenance. 

As a case in point, the California Invasive Plant Council points out that controlling invasive plants costs the state over $82 million yearly. To avoid these hassles, don’t make the mistake of planting them in the first place!

#4 Burdening Your Garden With Too Many Ornaments

Can you have too many garden ornaments in your landscape? Yes, like anything, ornamental features in the garden look better in moderation. Use garden ornamentation to give your landscape a striking look that’s unique. Don’t pile up ornaments that detract from effective and rare focal points. 

Also, it’s helpful to purchase top-quality, unique ornaments that fit within your budget. Scattering cut-rate ornaments across your yard will only distract from your overall landscape design.

#5 Choosing Plants That Need Frequent Watering

Over-watering and under-watering are other common landscaping mistakes to avoid. Before you embark on creating your landscape, consider how much watering you can handle. Large flower beds with annual plants often need more watering than native perennials. 

To keep your expansive, lush, green lawn healthy, you’ll need plenty of water during summertime. You might also need to consider how much water your landscape will be able to get if you stay in an area with watering restrictions. 

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