How to Plan Tree Placement on Your Coral Gables Property

Do you see an empty plot on your property that could use an arboreal upgrade? Whether you want a mighty oak to cast extra shade or a fragrant magnolia for a touch of Southern charm, don’t start digging just yet.

As the go-to landscaping services in Coral Gables, our team at Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service knows the many intricacies of tree placement. Keep reading as we highlight the most crucial things to consider for your landscaping endeavors.

Always Check the Sun Exposure

Inquire about your desired specimen’s sun exposure preferences before you plant or transplant it. Depending on the variety, it may prefer full sun, partial sunshine, or bright but indirect light.

Assess the amount of sunlight in different spots throughout the day by simply observing. Morning sun is less intense, so east-facing spots are great for those delicate species that can’t handle the full brunt of the sun. Westward locations receive the late afternoon heat, suitable for the sun-chasers. 

The sun’s path can also change dramatically from season to season, so account for this in your tree location planning. 

Strategic Tree Positioning Involves Thinking of the Future

When looking for the ideal tree placement, it’s not just about the here and now; it’s also imperative to consider the future growth tendencies of your chosen variety. Trees, like all living organisms, grow and change over time:

  • Height: A high-rising tree can interfere with overhead utility lines, block scenic views, or cast unwanted shadows. If you’d rather not deal with these potential hiccups, pick shorter varieties like dogwood or a Japanese maple.
  • Root spread: The root system of some trees can stretch far and wide underground, posing a potential threat to sidewalks, driveways, and home foundations nearby. 
  • Branch spread: Some trees have sprawling branches that could extend over your neighbor’s property line or pose a safety risk during storms. 

General Tree Placement Guidelines

So many different factors can influence optimal tree site selection, but you can generally stick to a few key rules:

  • Divide the mature spread of your tree in half and try to keep it that far away from structures or adjacent, similarly-sized trees.
  • Place trees at least 12 to 20 feet from your house, depending on their mature size.
  • Keep the placement at least three to four feet away from sidewalks, patios, or similar structures.
  • Trees should have between ten to 30 feet of space from each other.
  • Don’t put trees in easements.
  • Avoid planting in straight lines unless you want to create a windbreak, as natural spacing is preferable.

Consult a Local Arborist for Proper Tree Positioning

New trees are a significant investment that either can bring years of joy or result in a costly headache. Why not ensure success by partnering with Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service? Our tree placement specialists will methodically analyze your property’s conditions and your tree’s requirements.

Dial 305-874-7374 today or read our blog and discover the best border plants for flower beds!   

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