How To Landscape Around a Tree With Exposed Roots

Sometimes, tree roots protrude out of the ground and make it difficult to landscape around trees efficiently. Exposed tree roots can hinder the tree’s appearance and make it look unmaintained if you don’t know how to incorporate them into your landscape. Nature’s Dream Landscape & Tree Service is here to explain how to landscape around a tree with exposed roots.

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Three Tips for Landscaping Around Exposed Roots

Roots are some of the most essential aspects of a tree’s makeup. They provide nutrients and moisture for the tree to thrive, ensuring it stays healthy and improves your property’s visual appeal. Landscaping around tree roots can further the tree’s appearance while helping your property stand out in the best possible way.

Use the following tips to learn how to landscape around a tree with exposed roots.

1. Apply Mulch Over the Roots

Mulch provides numerous benefits to trees and will help you cover exposed roots while enhancing the tree’s aesthetic appeal. It will protect the roots from damage, improve moisture retention, and prevent you from tripping over roots while working in your yard. Apply two to three inches of mulch around the tree to cover the root system and enhance the tree’s appearance.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t apply mulch directly around the tree’s trunk. Always leave at least six inches between the mulch and trunk to prevent damage and other potential issues.

2. Place Moss Over the Roots

Many people believe moss negatively impacts trees and steals essential nutrients from them. However, this isn’t true, with some studies showing that moss can improve a tree’s nitrogen consumption. Applying moss over exposed roots will give the tree a whimsical look that will do wonders for your yard’s curb appeal.

3. Use Small Plants and Statues To Make a Fairy Village

Creative homeowners can use exposed tree roots to their advantage by placing various plants and statues around them, creating a tiny fairy or gnome village. Exposed roots have an enchanting allure that can make your yard look like a mythical wonderland. Using them to create unique, mystical scenery can enhance your holiday decorations or create a memorable environment that displays your creativity. 

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